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Advanced Protein Systems (APS) is a USA based company that has been a supplier to Medis for the past two years. We here at APS are very impressed with the team spirit at Medis. They are goal driven, and get the very best out of their staff. Medis is a very ethical and professional company, and we have built an excellent working relationships with Medis as a supplier and research partner. We continue to develop new products together, and with Medis's excellent knowledge of their market, provide us here at APS the confidence to grow successfully together in the future.
APS BioGroup


With Medis, we have not only added a very experienced and successful company in Southeast Europe to our network of licensees but also added a real partner with very skilled staff that were quickly able to understand the regulatory and marketing requirements of our highly innovative products and translate them into a very pragmatic approach in their region.
Biogen IDEC


B.Braun has had a very successful partnership with Medis for 18 years. During this period, together with Medis we have succeeded in building up a leading market position for our products. We would like to congratulate Medis for 20 years of excellence in marketing pharmaceutical products and wish the company lots of success for the future.


In 2008 Daiichi Sankyo Europe (DSE) acquired Evista® (Raloxifene HCL) from Eli Lilly for the East European countries.
At that time, DSE neither had a distribution network in Croatia nor in Slovenia.
Upon evaluation and negotiation Medis was chosen to be the most suitable business partner with own operations in both countries.
A distribution agreement was signed in August 2008!
After now almost one and a half year of collaboration Medis provided evidence of high professionalism in all business aspects.
Daiichi Sankyo Europe Gmbh


Mepha Ltd., Switzerland congratulates its long-time and esteemed partner Medis on its twentieth anniversary. The foundation of this reliable and successful partnership was laid in late 1992 and, one year later, Olfen-100 SR Depocaps was the first product registered in Slovenia. Mepha Ltd. would like to thank Medis d.o.o. for the good collaboration during the past years and wishes them a lot of prosperity in the coming decades.


For more than 10 years now, we have had successful business cooperation in place, initially with our focus on the Slovenian market, but then with extended activities in Croatia and, most recently, also in Hungary.

During that time we got to know you and your company as reliable business partner with “handsale”-quality and we appreciate your professionalism, the esprit in your team and the clear and straight line to tackle things. Over the years we have also come to know you as highly motivated with a lot of dedication and teamwork you exhibit on a daily basis.

Moreover, the structure in your organisation - with your young and powerful team - enables you to react flexibly and promptly on the varying market conditions and to take more quickly the right decisions in a competitive environment.



In spring 2008 Orion Corporation began partnership with Medis in Croatia. Since then we have found them to be reliable partner. We look forward to growing business in the future.
Orion Pharma


Pleuran is glad to discover in Medis greatly efficient, flexible and long-term reliable  business partner. Comprehensive knowledge of local pharma and nutraceutical markets in combination with applied sophisticated sales and promotion methods provide to Medis ultimate strength and competitive advantage. Ability of Medis to fully understand, adopt and conveniently adjust product philosophy to local needs is being highly appreciated by Pleuran.



With Medis we have got an efficient and experienced partner distributing our brands GeloMyrtol®, Nitrolingual® and Nitronal® successfully in several South-eastern European countries. Having cooperated for more than 15 years Medis has become a reliable, committed and valuable partner of Pohl Boskamp.
Pohl Boskamp


We have been working with Medis for many years; their marketing strategy and qualified staff are the key factors of our successful cooperation. We wish Medis another 20 years of growth!

Medis mantains some of the longest standing sales and marketing relationship in the industry. Our hard work and successful cooperation is also acknowledged by our partners.

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