About Medis

Medis' comprehensive set of marketing and sales solutions is designed to market efficiently products of healthcare manufacturers who are interested in marketing their pharmaceuticals on these markets. It allows them a higher turnover and a more stable financial situation.

With efficient services Medis covers a market of around 50 million potential customers in a region divided into many small countries. A substantial cultural, language and political differences makes this part of Europe for a foreigner rather complicated and difficult to work in.

Medis is unique in offering a complete turnkey service to register, launch/market and distribute new products in this region. Medis has been established in 1989, and since then maintains some of the longest standing sales and marketing relationships in the industry, which confirms the satisfaction of partners involved.

Membership in Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Medis is a member of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

Membership in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Medis is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Membership in Slovene-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Medis is a proud foundation member of Slovene-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Membership in American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia

Medis is a proud member of American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia.

Medis is a medical marketing company focused on branded pharmaceuticals and medical products. It is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia and with subsidiaries covers Central and Southeast Europe.

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