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Organisation Chart of Medis' Global Services at HQ (Slovenia)

  • Supervisory Board

    Supervisory Board

    Tone Strnad, BSc Pharm

    Jaka Stele, Bsc Eng

    Alenka Žnidaršič Kranjc, PhD, MSc, BSc Econ

    Martina Perharič, PhD, BSc Pharm

    Erna Slana, BSc Econ

    Maja Strnad Cestar, Msc, BSc Econ

  • BU Pharmaceuticals


    In Pharmaceuticals, we take care for the five main areas of business: the search for new suppliers (Business Development), the acquisition of financing for medicinal products in health insurance companies (Market Access), Medical Support, Strategical Marketing (Product & Brand Managers) and sales through Medical Representatives in the field.

    Martina Perharič, PhD, BSc Pharm
    Director Division Pharmaceuticals

  • Medis, d.o.o.
    (280 employees)


    Medis is a medical marketing company focused on branded pharmaceuticals and medical products. It is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia and with subsidiaries covers Central and Southeast Europe.

    Martina Perharič, PhD, BSc Pharm
    Managing Director

  • BU Hospital & Diagnostics

    Hospital and Diagnostics

    This division provides hospitals and community health centres with hospital medicinal products, medical supplies and equipment. Our customers are mainly healthcare professionals of various professions (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, economists) etc.

    Albina Pečarič, MSc, BSc Org
    Director Division Hospital care and Diagnostics

  • Business

    Business Development

    Business Development services include:

    • Market research for selected products, including field research
    • Evaluating sales potential for the region
    • Establishing business plans for the region
    • Identifying business opportunities

  • Regulatory
    & Medical
    & PhV

    Regulatory and Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance

    We are centralized in Medis’ Headquarter in Slovenia and have local regulatory specialists in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Portugal and Serbia. We offer regulatory support with registration procedures and maintenance of approvals for medicinal products, food supplements, medical devices, food for special medical purposes, infant and follow-on formulas.

    dr. Urša Klun, PhD, BSc Chem
    Director Regulatory Dpt.

  • General Administration
    & Legal
    & Compliance

    General Administration, Legal and Compliance

    Quality is one of the basic strategic directions of the company. The primary objective is to implement high-quality services that meet the needs and requirements of customers Quality of the company includes also compliance with the agreed deadlines, availability of products, and the quality of business operations as a whole.

    Slavko Pušavec, BSc Econ
    Director Compliance Dpt.

  • Human

    Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is organized centrally in Slovenia for all companies. Our department is responsible for the establishment of effective human resources policy and processes of employment in relation to the needs of companies in the group. We collaborate with external institutions of our field of work, manage the needs of the student work and scholarships for young people and we regulate all matters related to the employment area and personnel administration.

    Maja Rojšek, BA in Sociology
    Director Human Resources Dpt.

  • Logistics
    & Warehouse
    & Distribution

    Logistics, Warehouse and Distribution

    We are responsible for process of management, movement and storage of goods from the producer to consumer. The activity is carried out centrally; from one warehouse in Ljubljana, we supply all markets. We provide reliable, safe and fast supply chain of medicines, medical supplies and equipment.

    Daša Balderman, BSc Econ
    Director Wholesale Dpt.

  • Quality

    Quality Control

    The basis for the work carried out by the Quality Control are the Medicinal Products Act, GMP, GDP, Act Regulating the Sanitary Suitability of Foodstuff, Products and Materials Coming into Contact with Foodstuffs, and the Codex Alimentarius (HACCP). Our main responsibility is to control the acceptance, storage, release and transport of medicines, foods, food supplements, medical devices and biocides. We monitor the delivered goods, control documentation which allows traceability, and manage the quality certificates (certificates of analysis and certificates of conformity of products), which we receive from our suppliers.

    Nadija Hlača, BSc Pharm
    Director Quality Control Dpt.

  • Information
    & Monitoring

    Information Technology and Monitoring

    Our mission is to provide system users with continuous availability of information system and communications to support business operations. We enable decision makers in the company to get as soon as possible the best quality information for decision support by using programs, new functionalities and advanced technologies, and thus we enable the company's competitiveness in the market.

    Cvetka Hocevar, BSc Computer Science
    Director Information Technology Dpt.

  • Marketing

    Marketing Communications

    The Marketing Communications is a creative centre of Medis. We provide effective internal and external communication of our brands at the international level.

    Barbara Ülen, MSc, BA Comparative Literature and Journalism
    Director Marketing Communications Dpt.

  • Finance
    & Accounting
    & Controlling

    Finance, Accounting and Controlling

    Finance and Accounting Division is responsible for financial operations of all companies in the Medis Group. We work with our employees, then customers, suppliers, banks, auditors and government institutions.

    Erna Slana, BSc Econ
    Director Finance and Accounting Services Dpt.

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