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Business Ethics and Quality Standards

Medis is committed to the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency as well as ethical business conduct.

We understand that expertize, professionalism, and in particular uncompromising compliance with the law and ethical principles of each of our partners are prerequisite for success. All our procedures and products from our portfolio meet the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency. We ensure the best user experience to both partners and end-users by respecting and following the latter in an uncompromising manner.

We hold ISO 9001:2015 quality certificates for marketing, sales and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products, as well as ISO 9001:2015 standards, including HACCP as required by CAC/RCP 1-1969/2003 for marketing of dietary supplements and foods for special requirements. 

We strictly follow the regulations of the countries in which we operate, concerning:

  • Country specific Ordinance on Product Promotion 
  • Country specific Government Officials Laws 
  • Country specific Personal Income Law 
  • Country specific Ordinance on Clinical trials 
  • Country specific Data Protection Law 
  • Country specific State Officials Act 
  • Country specific Act on the Rights and Obligations of Civil Servants 
  • Contract on the Ethical Advertising of Medicinal Products with the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (issued by HZZO; unique agreement in Croatia) 
  • Country specific Law on Prohibition of Conflict of Interest 

We comply with the EFPIA Codes and thereby follow ethical guidelines for marketing and prescribing of medicinal products and ethical guideline with regard to cooperation with health professionals:

  • EFPIA Code of practice on relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations
  • EFPIA Code on the promotion of prescription-only medicines to, and interactions with, healthcare professionals
  • EFPIA Code on disclosure of transfers of value from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations

All company associates are committed to anti-bribery & anti-corruption policy. The policy is implemented in an employee education program, distributed to all employees and all personnel, including new hires. Management is constantly ensuring that this policy is sufficiently embedded in the business process and adhered to. 

We provide training and education for our employees and a safe and stimulating working environment.

We are a socially responsible company and give back to the environment by supporting selected development projects, individuals and by donations to humanitarian organizations.

Quality Policy

Quality is the basic strategic direction of the company.

Quality Policy is a commitment to:

  • Constantly improving and coordinating the efficiency of the Quality Management System
  • Providing quality services that meet the needs and requirements of the client
  • Taking care of continuous progress in all areas of our work with the highest level of creativity and quality
  • Taking great care of our customers and always trying to exceed their expectations 
  • Developing partnerships with our suppliers and service providers
  • Acting in accordance with high ethical standards and striving to set an example to our colleagues, partners, clients and the environment in which we live and work
  • Consistently monitoring and coordinating management systems with applicable legal and other requirements regarding quality, product safety and occupational safety and health
  • Taking care of continuous education and constant personal growth of our employees, encouraging and motivating our employees, which consequently improves their loyalty to the company and their satisfaction
  • Maintaining a positive attitude towards nature, as well as the business and local environments
  • Providing an appropriate safe and healthy working environment.

We are committed to strict compliance with quality standards, business ethics and applicable laws and regulations. (compliance regulations, codes standards & legal requirements).

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