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Education and Training

Education and training programmes are thoughtfully adapted to the requirements of jobs and certain of them have become quality standards. In order not to change them into some kind of rigid or ossified system, we also remain attentive to individual needs and wishes of employees, their knowledge to date and ambitions. At annual assessment meetings in October and November we plan education and training for the following year. We expect every individual to make his/her own wishes known at that time and we make available throughout the year advice, additional suggestions and stimuli in order that the plan is realised. We are even more satisfied when it is exceeded.

Our employees are regularly educated and trained professionally in the Pharma Business Development Course, the Pharma Brand Planning Course, the Pharma Forecasting Course, Marketing Excellence Training, Leadership for Managers Leading Internationally Remote Teams, Young Managers Programme and other useful themes such as Finance for Non-Financials, Human Resource Management, etc.

Employee education and training is an area we carefully plan, attentively monitor and progressively develop.

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