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Work Fields

The three divisions - Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals and Diagnostics - are the core business units that carry out all activities needed for the market success of a particular product. The most typical jobs in these divisions are product manager and medical sales representative. These two jobs require employees with natural science education, that is, pharmacists, doctors, biologists, chemical engineers, nurses and similar profiles.

Product Managers

Product Managers develop marketing and sales strategies of a particular product or portfolio of products. They prepare marketing materials that ensure they are of maximum benefit to the sales force and at the same time adhere to all regulatory guidelines. Product Managers are responsible for developing specific sales strategies for their product. This also includes working closely with key opinion leaders to help them understand the product specifics better.

Medical Sales Representatives

The Medical Sales Representatives visit healthcare professionals and present them products and their advantages for patients. Sales representatives usually have no more than five or six minutes for a visit and in this time they must precisely describe what a medicine is designed to do and how it works. This is challenging and dynamic working environment with a relatively high autonomy of work.

Regulatory Affairs Department

The professionals, mostly with pharmacy education, who better find themselves at work in the office and who also posses the qualities of being very precise are indispensable in the Regulatory Affairs Sector. Here they prepare and review the documentation needed for registration of medicinal products and medical devices, monitor clinical studies and record adverse effects of the medicinal products.


In logistics they take care about everything connected with supply, purchasing, warehousing, and transport of our products. The employees have education in economics and commerce and are employed as sales staff, purchasing staff, export staff, etc. As a team they must work together with the product managers and regulative employees in order to control stocks efficiently and provide the most suitable transport and warehousing for sensitive medicines.

Marketing Communications

This is where promotional materials are prepared (advertisements, flyers, brochures, web sites, keynote presentations). Employees in the Marketing Communications Department with various educational backgrounds, from graphic designers to communications specialists, use their creativity and sense of organisation. In the Marketing Communications Department various events, such as product promotions, press conferences, New Year’s celebrations for employees and clients are prepared, and where also the internal newspaper Prelet is edited.

Informatics Department

In the informatics department there is a group of professionals with different computer backgrounds. They take care of the business-information system and all computer and technical equipment throughout the company. An important segment of their work is developing information systems, i.e. seeking software solutions to keep up with the company's growth.

Finance-Accounting Department

The Finance-Accounting department takes care of our financial business. Typical jobs are accountant, account manager, payments clerk and financial analyst. Most of employees in this department have economics education but there are also some other profiles.

Medis is efficient through a combination of carefully selected team member, familiarity with the territory covered and great business skills.

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