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CALMIA – new medical cream for skin changes

In early spring Medis offered the Slovenian market another product of our own development. New medical cream CALMIA with triple action moisturizes, renews and improves skin elasticity. We recommend the use for skin changes that occur in cancer therapy, such as acne-like rash and hand-foot syndrome and in acne. Initially, CALMIA will be available in Slovenia and Croatia, and later in other markets. The product will be offered to the Bulgarian market as well, where we opened a new company earlier this year.

Effectiveness is provided by a unique triple combination of ingredients: 

  • triple power of vitamin K1 in a concentration of 0.3%,
  • vitamin B6,
  • dexpanthenol.

The combination of allantoin, urea and elastin additionally moisturizes the skin.

How to use CALMIA 

We recommend to apply CALMIA at least twice a day. To prevent skin lesions due to cancer treatment, patients should start to use the cream at the beginning of the treatment period and continue to use throughout it and also for several weeks after completion.

Medical cream CALMIA was developed specifically for the prevention and treatment of skin lesions. Timely and regular use of CALMIA improves the quality of life of patients with skin changes, reduces use of medications to treat side effects and allows the continuation of planned oncological treatment.

The product is available in pharmacies and specialized stores.

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