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Have you already met MUPI?

You can meet the cheerful hero with teasing eyes, full of tricks and playful surprises, in pharmacies. His name is MUPI and he’s the trademark of chewable Ekolostrum MUPI tablets.

Chewable Ekolostrum MUPI tablets contain perfect, 100 % natural colostrum biological products and are additionally enriched with lactoferrin, which aids the natural defences of the body.

Colostrum is our first food. It occurs in the milk glands of all mammals in the first hours after childbirth and, in terms of composition, is essentially richer than milk. Colostrum, with its heterogeneous and valuable composition is an indispensable element of growth, vitality and health. We recommend it as an integral part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

The invaluable nature of colostrum and its many benefits are hidden in its unique combination of constituents, which can be found nowhere else. Colostrum is a real treasure house of natural antibodies, growth factors and vitamins, minerals and aminoacids. Colostrum optimises the body's resistance with healthy people, favourably effects the digestion, retention of energy and enables optimal recovery after intensive physical activity.

All the components of colostrum are completely natural and function in optimal mutual synergy. And it is precisely the uniqueness of the components of chewable Ekolostrum MUPI tablets that is the key to their effectiveness and numerous benefits to health.
Chewable Ekolostrum MUPI tablets are suitable for any occasion, since the tablets can be taken without water. The tablets must just be well chewed. We recommend taking 2 to 4 chewable tablets every day.

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