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Winners of International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2015

This year's contest for International Medis Awards for Medical Research, with which Medis wishes to contribute to greater recognition and mutual knowledge of experts from eight countries in which Medis operates (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia), was completed.

The subject of the contest were posters and oral presentations of scientific research work, complemented by adequate supporting documents, that were presented from 1 September 2014 till 31 August 2015 at any of the European or world professional or scientific meetings. Submitted applications that were received by the contest deadline were reviewed by the international jury that consisted of seven established and recognized doctors of different specialties.

The winners were awarded a prize that consists of two parts: a sculpture made of bronze, which was designed only for Medis awards by the well renowned Slovenian-Croatian sculptor Jakov Brdar, and financial stimulation for further research in the gross value of € 2,500.

Members of the jury:

  • Allergology – Prof. Mirjana Bogić, MD, PhD, Serbia 
  • Anaesthesiology – Mojca Drnovšek Globokar, MD, Slovenia 
  • Cardiology – Prof. Mirta Koželj, MD, PhD, Slovenia
  • Neurology – Igor Kuzmanovski, MD, PhD, Macedonia
  • Ophthalmology – Prof. Barbara Cvenkel, MD, PhD, Slovenia
  • Paediatrics – Prof. Reinhold Kerbl, MD, PhD, Austria
  • Pharmacy – Belma Brkanić-Mrahorović, MSc Pharm, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Rheumatology – Prof. Branimir Anić, MD, PhD, Croatia
  • Urology – Prof. Péter Tenke, MD, PhD, Hungary

Chairperson of the jury: Olgica Knežević, MSc Pharm, Specialist in biological therapy, Montenegro

The jury decided that the International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2015 would be received by:

  • Dragana Jovanović, MD, MSc Immunol, Serbia, in the area of allergology
  • Vlasta Orlić Karbić, MD, MSc, Croatia, in the area of anaesthesiology
  • Assist. Marko Banović, MD, PhD, Serbia, in the area of cardiology
  • Andreja Emeršič, MSc Pharm, Slovenia, in the area of neurology
  • Alja Črnej, MD, Slovenia, in the area of ophthalmology
  • Assist. Prof. Matjaž Homan, MD, PhD, Slovenia, in the area of paediatrics
  • Urška Kamenšek, MSc Biol, PhD, Slovenia, in the area of pharmacy
  • Lovro Lamot, MD, PhD, Croatia, in the area of rheumatology
  • Prof. Zoltán Bajory, MD, PhD, Hungary, and Prof. Zsolt Kopa, MD, PhD, Hungary, in the area of urology

International Medis Awards for Medical Research have become traditional, so we invite you to apply also next year.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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