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NEW! Gengigel First-aid with painkilling capacity

A family of Gengigel products was recently joined by a new product, Gengigel First-aid. Marketing activities in Slovenia and Austria have already started.

Gengigel First-aid is a medical device specifically designed to ensure simple, rapid, efficient use. Ideal for application to wounds and during the post-operative phase.


Gengigel First-aid reduces pain and discomfort, especially after traumas, surgical or periodontal work, implants, tooth extractions and subgingival root planing.

It promotes and accelerates the anti-oedematous and anti-inflammatory processes. The haemostatic and painkilling capacity of Gengigel First-aid Fluid, which are attributable to its film-forming properties (shield effect) and mucoadhesive properties are thus preserved and accentuated without discomfort for post-surgical patients.

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