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Ca-C Calvive

calcium, vitamin C

The right choice when it comes to colds and influenza, lack of energy and tiredness, bodily exertion, exposure to stress and whilst still growing.


Calcium Calvive 500

500 mg of ionized calcium

For preventive health and supplemental treatment of osteoporosis, prevention of demineralisation of bones and replacement calcium when there is greater need.


Corega Denture Adhesive Cream

Guarantees an extra-strong and long-lasting fixation of dentures, while protecting gums from irritation. Corega adhesive cream provides reliable grip during the day and prevents bits of food reaching below the prosthesis.


Corega cleaning tablets for dentures

Corega cleaning tablets for dentures have antibacterial and disinfectant action and help prevent the formation of tartar or inflammation.




Fenistil gel


Soothes and cools the skin after insect bites and stings, sunburn and sensitivity to sunlight and dermatitis of allergic origin.


GeloMyrtol forte

myrtol standardized

Natural treatment for sinusitis and bronchitis. GeloMyrtol® forte is an effective herbal medicine that thins mucus and facilitates its ejection. Soft gastro-resistant capsules contain high-quality and purified blend of essential oils.


GeloRevoice lozenges

hydrogel complex with hyaluronic acid

GeloRevoice® lozenges provide effective protection of irritated oral and pharyngeal mucous membranes. They contain a special hydrogel complex with hyaluronic acid. Lozenges have pleasant cherry and mint flavours.



hyaluronic acid

For inflammation and damaged gums, thrush, parodontitis (pockets in gum) and sore mouth due to false teeth or growing teeth.


Imunoglukan P4H

Imunoglukan with vitamin C and zinc

Imunoglukan with vitamin C and zinc supports the natural resistance of the organism and normal functioning of the immune system.



Merz Spezial






Skin can grow smoother, hair can grow shinier and nails stronger with following Merz Spezial® products: 

  • Merz Spezial® Dragees for fresh, healthy skin, strong, shiny hair and beautiful, firm fingernails
  • Merz Spezial® HAIR capsules support the growth of thick, strong hair



solution in the form of brush and pen

The Nailner products are designed to treat onychomycosis (nail fungus). Nailner products contain a patented carrier system that allows the solution to saturate the thick keratin layer of the nail. By lowering the pH, Nailner products alter the local condition of the infected nail to the disadvantage of the fungus, allowing the nail to recover from fungal infection. » 



infant formulas

Universal and special milk formulas for infants who are constipated, infants with regurgitation, colics and for infants’ long-term satiety.


Novalac prenatal capsules

active folic acid Quatrefolic®, iron and DHA

The innovative combination of active folic acid, iron and DHA omega-3 fatty acid. For women planning pregnancy, pregnant women and nursing mothers. »




Relieves headaches, migraine headache, osteoarthritis/arthritis, cold & flu symptoms, period pain, muscular aches, sore throat, back pain and toothache. It also reduces fever.


parodontax mouthwash

An antibacterial daily mouthwash that helps reduce plaque to maintain healthy gums.




parodontax toothpastes

parodontax effectively helps remove plaque and helps stop bleeding gums. parodontax toothpaste is available in different variants:

  • parodontax Fluoride
  • parodontax Extra Fresh
  • parodontax Classic (without fluorid)
  • parodontax Ultra Clean


parodontax toothbrushes

Specially designed for people with bleeding gums.




Sensodyne Cool Mint mouthwash



Specifically designed for people with sensitive teeth. Sensodyne mouthwash contains fluoride to help remineralise enamel and prevent cavities.


Sensodyne tooth floss

Sensodyne Expanding Gentle Floss cleans the tooth area that brushing may miss, removing hidden plaque and bacteria.


Sensodyne toothpastes



Sensodyne toothpastes work in one of three ways to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth, depending on the product's active ingredient - potassium nitrate, strontium acetate/chloride, or NovaMin technology.


Sensodyne toothbrushes

Sensodyne toothbrushes have been specifically designed for a daily clean and brush of sensitive teeth.



innovative plasters

Technologically perfected and dermatologically tested product for blisters, thrush, cracked skin, burns and various surface wounds and grazes.


Voltaren Emulgel


For back pain, sporting and other injuries, rheumatism of soft tissue and mild rheumatism (osteoporosis and arthritis).


Voltaren Emulgel with double strength


Voltaren® Emulgel® 23,2 mg/g gel with double strength ensures up to 12 hours relief of joint pain.


WAYA FORTE capsules

probiotic capsules with Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

Probiotic capsules with the most researched probiotic culture Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG for the dietary management of viral and bacterial diarrhea, diarrhea during antibiotic treatment and for maintainance of balanced intestinal microflora for children and adults. »


WAYA drops

probiotic drops with Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

Probiotic drops with the most researched probiotic culture Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG for the dietary management of viral and bacterial diarrhea, diarrhea during antibiotic treatment and for maintainance of balanced intestinal microflora of infants and children. »

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